English - D Form Verbs

The verbs form their Past Tense by adding -d to the Present.

Present Tense Past Tense Past Participle Present Participle
abase abased abased abasing
abate abated abated abating
abbreviate abbreviated abbrivated abbreviating
abdicate abdicated abdicated abdicating
abide abided abided abiding
abjure abjured abjured abjuring
abnegate abnegated abnegated abnegating
abominate abominated abominated abominating
abridge abridged abridged abridging
abrogate abrogated abrogated abrogating
absolve absolved absolved absolving
abuse abused abused abusing
abuse abused abused abusing
accede acceded acceded acceding
accelerate accelerated accelerated accelerating
accentuate accentuated accentuated accentuating
acclimatize acclimatized acclimatized acclimatizing
accommodate accommodated accommodated accommodating
accumulate accumulated accumulated accumulating
accuse accused accused accusing
acerbate acerbateed acerbateed acerbateing
ache ached ached aching
ache ached ached aching
achieve achieved achieved achieving
achieve achieved achieved achieving
acknowledge acknowledged acknowledged acknowledging
acquiesce acquiesced acquiesced acquiescing
acquire acquired acquired acquiring
activate activated activated activating
actualize actualized actualized actualizing

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